Class Code:  1252-05                                           Date Established:  07-01-50           


Occupational Code:  5-1-3                                   Date of Last Revision:  12-28-01


BASIC PURPOSE:  To perform manual work in the care, cleaning and maintenance of a state institution or office buildings.




        Scrubs, mops, waxes and polishes floors, and dusts and polishes furniture.


        Makes minor repairs to steam, water, electric or plumbing equipment and may make minor building repairs.


        Notifies superior when major breakdowns occur and require skilled trades workers to make repairs.


        Picks up and delivers items.


        Washes windows, woodwork, toilets, washrooms and fixtures.


        Cuts grass, trims hedges, shovels snow and cleans walks and assists in keeping outside premises in an orderly condition.


        Moves furniture and equipment; delivers supplies; runs errands; serves as guard or night watchman as an incidental assignment.


        May be required to operate light vehicles on occasion, but must be properly licensed to do so.





Skill:  Requires skill in applying instructions to accomplish different job functions OR in operating machines for a variety of different purposes.


Knowledge:  Requires common sense understanding of instructions in performing a series of routine procedures.


Impact:  Requires responsibility for contributing to agency objectives by ensuring the accuracy of support activities within one or more organizational units.  Errors at this level affect the work of others or have measurable monetary consequences, and require verification and correction in order to complete succeeding work operations.


Supervision:  Requires partial supervision of other employees doing work which is related or similar to the supervisor, including assigning job duties, providing training, giving instructions and checking work.


Working Conditions:  Requires performing regular job functions in an environment which includes exposure to continuous physical elements or a number of disagreeable working conditions with frequent exposure to minor injuries or health hazards.




Physical Demands:  Requires medium work, including continuous strenuous activities such as frequent reaching, bending, or lifting as well as performing work activities which require fine manual dexterity or coordination in operating machines or equipment.


Communication:  Requires minimal personal interaction or communication, including providing simple information in response to routine questions from employees within the agency.


Complexity:  Requires a minimal combination of job functions, including performing frequently repeated tasks according to set procedures and standardized situations.


Independent Action:  Requires minimal choice in performing routine duties under immediate supervision and in following simple instructions according to standardized policies and procedures.




Education:  Completion of eighth grade or its equivalent.


Experience:  One year of experience in cleaning and maintenance activities.





License/Certification:  Possession of a valid New Hampshire driver's license and/or have access to transportation for statewide travel.


RECOMMENDED WORK TRAITS:  Knowledge of the operation and care of electric sweepers, mop wringers, brushes and other household cleaning equipment.  Familiarity with the materials, equipment and methods commonly employed in office cleaning operations.  Ability to understand and carry out simple instructions.  Ability to make minor repairs to cleaning equipment.  Physical strength to withstand manual labor of strenuous work conditions.  Must be willing to maintain appearance appropriate to assigned duties and responsibilities as determined by the agency appointing authority.


DISCLAIMER STATEMENT:  This class specification is descriptive of general duties and is not intended to list every specific function of this class title.


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