Class Code:  5600-05                                            Date Established:  07-01-50           


Occupational Code:  5-1-5                                   Date of Last Revision:  12-28-01      


BASIC PURPOSE:  To perform unskilled and semi-skilled laboring tasks.




        Cleans and performs routine maintenance of vehicles.


        Operates simple hand tools and equipment.


        Grooms grounds including mowing with power mower, trimming and raking.


        Paints guard rails and related highway maintenance items.


        Loads and unloads supplies, equipment, and materials from trucks.


        Sweeps floors, collects garbage and keeps campground facilities clean for public use.


        Shovels snow, including clearing and sanding walks and roads around buildings.





Skill:  Requires minimal skill in performing a series of routine procedures OR in operating equipment according to standardized instructions.


Knowledge:  Requires common sense understanding of instructions in performing a series of routine procedures.


Impact:  Requires minimal responsibility for contributing to agency objectives by supporting or performing routine work activities within a small organizational unit.  Errors at this level are of minor consequence and are readily detected through frequent checking or inspection.


Supervision:  Requires no supervision of employees or functions.


Working Conditions:  Requires performing regular job functions in an adverse working environment containing a combination of disagreeable elements which impact significantly upon the employee's capacity for completing work assignments.  This level includes work-related accidents or assault.


Physical Demands:  Requires medium to heavy work, including continuous physical exertion such as frequent bending, lifting or climbing.


Communication:  Requires minimal personal interaction or communication, including providing simple information in response to routine questions from employees within the agency.


Complexity:  Requires a combination of job functions using minimal judgment to perform a variety of job tasks according to clearly prescribed standard practices and procedures.


Independent Action:  Requires minimal choice in performing routine duties under immediate supervision and in following simple instructions according to standardized policies and procedures.





Education:  Completion of eighth grade or its equivalent.


Experience:  No experience required.


License/Certification:  None required.


RECOMMENDED WORK TRAITS:  Ability to carry out oral and written instructions.  Ability to use ordinary tools.  Good physical condition and sufficient strength to do heavy lifting.  Ability to work long hours under varying climatic conditions.  Ability to establish and maintain harmonious working relationships with other employees.  Sufficient physical strength and freedom from disabling defects to lift heavy objects and to work under adverse weather conditions.  Must be willing to maintain appearance appropriate to assigned duties and responsibilities as determined by the agency appointing authority.


DISCLAIMER STATEMENT:  This class specification is descriptive of general duties and is not intended to list every specific function of this class title.


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