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Frequently Asked Questions:

Browse the list below to find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions we receive. Visit this page often as we continue to add questions to the list.

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  • How do I initiate a Project with the BPW?
    On the BPW Home Page there is a link that allows the completion of a Work Request Form, which can be submitted electronically to our Business Administrator III or a PDF version that can be completed and faxed to our office 271-3515.  The Work Request provides pertinent information for the project that you would like assistance with.  It is important that all information is completed, including funding/financial information to support the cost of the work needed for your request.  Adobe Acrobat pdf fileBPW Project/Work Request Form or Microsoft Word symbolBPW Project/Work Request Form
  • Do all state building maintenance contracts have to through the BPW?
    RSA 21-I:79 Projects Under $25,000. State projects, as defined in RSA 21-I:78, IX, for which the estimated cost is equal to or does not exceed $25,000 may be done on a force account basis as defined in RSA 21-I:78, V, or by contracts awarded through competitive bidding administered by the using agency with the approval of governor and council.

    Although it is not required that BPW administer contracts under $25,000, it is recommended that our office review plans for renovations to a building that may affect any life and safety issues. 

    Projects over $25,000 require BPW oversight.

  • Can I hire my own consultant to develop and administer small (<$25,000.00) maintenance contracts?
    See answer to the previous question.  Applicable laws must be followed relative to hiring of vendors/consultants and obtaining Governor and Council approval.

Contact the NHDOT Finance & Contract Office

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